About Intellium AI

Intellium AI is industrial sustainability focused deep tech company accelerating the decarbonisation of the manufacturing industry.  



Our vision is to empower manufacturers to achieve their imminent net-zero commitments.



Our mission is to provide manufacturers with the digital tools to improve industrial sustainability.

Our Story

Intellium AI is located in Bristol-UK and was founded by Kiran Krishnamurthy with a unique blend of industry domain knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge AI technology.


Kiran’s background is in the Aerospace industry and its supply chain, and he has worked in leading blue-chip companies like Airbus, IBM, and Dassault Systems over the past 20 years. In the lead-up to Intellium AI, Kiran led the Data Science team at Airbus Group Innovations, transforming Airbus’ Manufacturing operations with Artificial Intelligence. Kiran noticed a disparity in the market in that the exponential rate of digital data growth was not matched with the necessary Data Science skills to leverage the data leading to a bottleneck in AI-driven industrial sustainability gains. Intellium AI was set up to address this disparity with a software solution that empowers everyday engineers to contribute to the manufacturing industry's net-zero commitments.

Areas Of Operation



  • AiBoost®, A no-code AI software enabling engineers to increase industrial sustainability.


  • Getting started with AI Basic to advanced AI training for the wider workforce


  • AI Strategy Consultancy
  • Custom AI solution development

R & D

  • Address industrial AI adoption challenges Collaboratively develop novel industrial AI solutions.

Want to know more?

Getting started on your Net-Zero journey can be a daunting challenge. IntelliumAI’s products and services simplify the process and empower your engineers to take control of your Net-Zero journey.


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